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F.I.T.S. "Feeding Illness To Society" 7"

F.I.T.S. "Feeding Illness To Society" 7"


Side A: Safe Place For A Dead Body, These Walls Are Made Of Shit, Eat The World

Side B: Room 102, Stupid Garbage Society, They Don't Approve


The debut 7” EP release of this Canadian hardcore punk band, hidden in the cold corner of Montreal, QC. In a province hostile and divided by its two official languages, F.I.T.S came out of the French punk scene two years ago and, in a way, brought these separate punks scenes closer to start a new wave of bands currently growing in Montreal right now. I caught them live at Loudhouse and was blown away by how fast and relentless each song was, constantly taking turns and spinning out of control but still keeping it together while the singer obnoxiously strutted the stage, walking the fine line between sanity and mental break - that was F.I.T.S. to me.

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