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F.U.'S "Kill For Christ / My America" LP

F.U.'S "Kill For Christ / My America" LP


Fan Club Pressing of these two F.U.'s albums.
Side A recorded at Active Sound, August '82. Mixed and remixed at Radiobeat Studios.
Side B recorded at Newbury Sound, May '85. Mastered at K-Disc, California.


Kill For Christ
A1 Civil Defense
A2 My Generation
A3 Daisy Chain
A4 Peer Police
A5 Rock And Roll Mutha
A6 T Sux
A7 Trendy Nazi Hypocrites
A8 Die For God
A9 F.U.
My America
B1 What You Pay For
B2 Outcast
B3 Poor Poor Pitiful You
B4 The Grinder
B5 Unite Or Lose
B6 This Is Your Life
B7 My America
B8 Choir Boy
B9 Boston's Finest
B10 Rifle
B11 We're An American Band

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