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First Base "S/T" LP

First Base "S/T" LP


Side A: I'm All Alone Again, Hard To Read, No Surprise, Afraid Of The Dark, I Don't Wanna Be Your Dog, I'm A Stranger

Side B: You Can Come Over, Get A Taste Of Your Love Again, I Broke My Mind, She's Boy Crazy, That's My Girlfriend, Don't Let Me Down This Summer


"Wait, is this a new band? We've positioned this incredible debut LP along with our Archival series batch for good reason, as FIRST BASE are one of the purest bands you're likely to come across, a true pop milestone so authentic and airtight, you'll swear you've heard these chords before. Originally one of the 'mystery bands on MySpace" from the mid-2000's, FIRST BASE released a string of much loved singles & EPs but kept a low profile despite being an active performing band in their hometown of Toronto, but it wasn't their intent to be anonymous. If you'll recall, they gained a wider appreciation after Personal & the Pizzas covered their iconic "Nobody Makes My Girl Cry But Me" which pushed them further onto the underground pop radar, and they returned the favor by covering " I Don't Feel So Happy Now" on their last EP. But affiliations aside, FIRST BASE are going to leave a deep scar on your world, and they'll be dumping sugar and syrup deep in those wounds with every repeated listen of this incredible pop debut. Like Jesus & Mary Chain fronting the Ramones, covering Joey Levine, FIRST BASE are pure honey-dripping salvation from the sadistic world we're trapped inside, a true ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day, just try to not melt away.  -VictimofTime.com / HOZAC

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