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Fix, The "At The Speed Of Twisted Thought" LP

Fix, The "At The Speed Of Twisted Thought" LP


Side A: Vengeance, In This Town, Cos The Elite, Trust Right Now, Signal, Off To War, No Idols, Candy Store, Famous, Vengeance, Celebre, Rat Patrol

Side B: Cos The Elite, The Letter, Famous, Off To War, In This Town, Rat Patrol, Statement, Candy Store, You, Teenage Drugs, Waiting For Eviction, Media Blitz

"With two relatively obscure 45's released on a label that helped kickstart the American hardcore scene both in print and on wax, Lansing, Michigan's THE FIX have somehow been lost in the historical shuffle. The six songs on these two singles (plus the track from the incredibly good, Process of Elimination" compilation 7" from 1981 - easily the best punk / hardcore compilation 7in ever - is there really any other competition beside "Unsafe At Any Speed"???) document some serious Midwestern musical aggression. In addition to the band's seven songs of legitimate, official output during the early 1980s, this LP contain the demos from the late 1980s bootleg compilation, "Cold Days," on West Germany's Lost & Found Records. These songs are split between the "Vengeance" and "Jan's Rooms" sessions, as far as I can tell. Additionally, the live material on this disc provide some absolutely brutal rage against the state, society, and state of affairs. Given the consistent downturn of Michigan's economy over the last thirty years in light of globalization, the continued decline and failure of unions, and corruption of local government, this band's recording paints an interesting philosophical picture of America's urban heartland."

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