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Flesh Rag "S/T" 7"

Flesh Rag "S/T" 7"


Side A: It Ain't Enough
Side B: Ugly Death, Electric Dream


"Flesh Rag covers quite a bit of garage rock ground with these 3 songs.  “It Ain’t Enough” is a scummy stomper of a track with great guttural vocals and a slow burning build in intensity accentuated by the speed picking during the climax, a bit like Cheater Slicks power-walking out of the heroin den instead of wearily stumbling to their next fix.  “Ugly Death” is a short and fast hardcore track that gets my head semi-violently bobbing, and “Electric Dream” is a serviceable gutter dirge with an appropriately exhausted melody that moves like a stupor.

If I got 3 songs in the same vein as just one of these, I’d probably be calling this about average, but the variety helps keep things fresh and “It Ain’t Enough” is great.

A good set of raw rockers." - Some Weird Sin Records

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