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Flower Zombies "Nowhere Songs" LP

Flower Zombies "Nowhere Songs" LP


Former scribbler, a group of West Tokyo + Yokohama 4 people "FLOWER ZOMBIES" formed mainly of Mr. kyohey of DOG HOTEL !! Split Tape with TheDeath, 1st 7 "alone from DEBAUCH MOOD, Split Tape with Ally LIPUPS Long-awaited release of 1st LP from BLACK HOLE !! YOUR PEST BAND, SUSPICIOUS BEASTS, etc. Feel the common item feeling somewhere Nostalgic approach feels garage ~ Rock'n Roll ~ Punk and even the feeling of US Indie , A song group of gems that makes you feel sad and somewhat gummy energy Enjoy! One piece filled with holo bitterness and passion! The tasteful touch jacket is an artist active in New York, SUSPICIOUS BEASTS / LOST Also by Yusuke Okada familiar with BALLOONS! Members at the time of recording are also active at MULE TEAM, LITTERS! LITTERS members vocal female vocal Nan There is also !! all 12 songs over, people like to download code with !! YOUR PEST BAND ~ SUSPICIOUS BEASTS Come !!

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