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Forbidden Planet OST LP

Forbidden Planet OST LP


Side A: Main Titles, Deceleration, Once Around Altair, The Landing, Flurry Of Dust, A Shangri-La In The Desert, Graveyard, Robby Make Me A Gown, An invisible Monster Approaches, Robby Arranges Flowers, Love At The Swimming Hole, Morbius' Study, Ancient Krell music, The Mind Booster

Side B: Krell Shuttle Ride And Power Station, Giant Footprints In The Sand, Nothing Like This Claw Found in Nature, Robby The Cook and 60 Gallons of Booze, Battle With Invisible Monster, Come Back To Earth With Me, The Monster Pursues, The Homecoming, Overture Reprise

Reissued soundtrack to MGM's 1956 science fiction cult classic, Forbidden Planet. Written by Louis and Bebe Barron, the Academy Award-nominated score is composed of "Electronic Tonalities" and would launch an era of early electronic music on film.

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