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Gad Whip "In A Room" LP

Gad Whip "In A Room" LP


In A Room, Fun Fair Fish, Grey Scale Quiche, Train Song #2


On their vinyl debut, Yorkshire's Gad Whip slap four intriguing pieces on one side, while an etching by vocalist Pete Davies occupies the flip.
Gad Whip seem borne from another world -- one in which bands on the defunct Ron Johnson label played on Top Of The Pops while lost art-punkers like The Mud Hutters and Arkansaw Man scored college radio hits. Gad Whip approach sound from a dub base, utilizing space and texture to let their music breathe. Despite Gad Whip's paranoid worldview, they are not averse to letting some air percolate between their insistent rhythms. Leading the charge is Pete Davies' caustic appraisal of our current emotional and moral bankruptcy. He's s a bit like Sleaford Mods' Jason Williamson minus the spittle.
The jaunty groove of "In A Room" belies Davies' cutting observations and barely withheld bile. Instead of slathering gratuitous guitar noise over top the muscular bass and drums, Gad Whip let Davies take centerstage. "Fun Fair Fish" further spotlights Davies' knack for presenting a compelling narrative while the band backs him up with equally enthralling music. "Grey Scale Quiche" doubles down on the previously-only-hinted-at psychedelic influence as the entire mix seems to be in a giant blender while Davies acts as an anchor. Today seems fucked, but tomorrow never knows, eh? "Train Song #2" foregrounds the pummel of fellow Whip founder Lee Drinkall and cements Gad Whip as one of the more intriguing bands working their shadowy corner of the post-punk world. -- e/n

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