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Gee Tee "Death Race" 7"

Gee Tee "Death Race" 7"


Side A: Got No Head, Death Race, Chill Cruze II
Side B: Fightin' Is Dumb, Z-Zero, CTR

Includes: Reverse board jacket, risograph insert and DL code


Alright, it’s time for a pop quiz ya stinkin’ Melvin. You know what’s the square root of nine? Of course you do, you’re a stinkin’ Melvin. Okay, what about the square root of, I dunno, 27? Mm. Don’t even know if you actually got the right answer to that one since, y’know, not the stinkin’ Melvin here, but it doesn’t surprise me you got that one down to the decimal point. It also wouldn’t surprise me if you didn’t know the answer to THIS little question: what’s the square root of fuckin’ cool? GEE TEE, that’s what. Doubt you really know what a GT is to begin with, but trust that Gee Tee is completely faithful to its automotive counterpart -- well, sans all the raw horsepower, superb handling, high gas mileage and other car-specific characteristics, but at the very least, Gee Tee’s sure as hell’s got a similar sense of flamboyant, shameless style that positively oozes charisma. Originally conceived as a solo-project by Gold Coast’s Kel Mason (member of an equally-extraordinary rock band, Draggs), Gee Tee’s “Death Race” EP is the total antithesis of its title. For a “death race”, simple-minded listeners couldn’t feel more enlivened by Kel’s goofy, lighthearted brand of synth-infused, surfy garage rock lined with an ear-pleasing arrangement of mechanical whirls, buoyant keytones, alien-like vocal distortions, and of course, spindly, simplistic chords emanating from a guitar most assuredly decorated in all sorts of sweet flame decals. What derives from this unorthodox assemblage of instruments is something of an otherworldly-orchestra, a perky, lo-fi charade that’s more incapably delightful than it is confusing or overwhelming --  a near-perfect mix of ideas. Gee Tee’s “Death Race” does enough to stray from the band’s two original EPs, being a unique, spacey venture in the vein of the most infectious of garage rock bands, while remaining pleasantly digestible to satisfy even the least adventurous of listeners. Or, in other words, it’s the square root of fuckin’ cool.

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