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Gee Tee "S/T" LP

Gee Tee "S/T" LP



All Recordings , Instruments, Vocals and Songs by Kel Mason
Recorded from November 2017- January 2018
on a 4 track cassette 
"Gee Tee make like they're going to be a kind of neo-Killed by Death-style band,
what with their treble-less guitar sound and their hard-charging,
Sex-Pistols-if-they-were-from-Detroit approach. "
- Sorry State -
" Gee Tee’s sure as hell’s got a similar sense of flamboyant, 
shameless style that positively oozes charisma. 
Originally conceived as a solo-project by Gold Coast’s Kel Mason 
(member of an equally-extraordinary rock band, Draggs)"
- Neck Chop -
"In particular, it reminds me a lot of Brian Eno’s first two solo albums, 
when he was still making pop music but started to be really 
aggressive about bringing different sounds than just drum, 
bass, guitar, and vocals into the mix. _Death Race_ 
is similar in that it feels a bit like some of the best neo-garage on the surface, 
but upon closer inspection it’s made of different ingredients."
 - Sorry State - 

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