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GG Allin "Live Fast Die Fast" 7"

GG Allin "Live Fast Die Fast" 7"


Side A: Live Fast Die Fast, Living Like An Animal

Side B: I Need Adventure, Louden Boomer

Released during the incredible early part of GG’s career, this ’84 EP is a straight up ripper. The title track is anthemic rocker celebrating GG’s increasingly reckless lifestyle. The three remaining tracks (“Livin' Like An Animal”, “Loudenboomer” & “I Need Adventure”) are straightforward, punchy punk rock tunes that are packed with power and solid melodies. Before GG became known for his raunchy antics, he was master of writing crisp, uptempo punk rock songs like the ones on this EP. Originally released 30 years ago, the original pressing of this record now easily demands $100-125. This reissue is an exact reproduction of the original EP, down to the custom printed labels and original cover art. Features remastered sound quality and excellent packaging.

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