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GG Allin "No Rules" 7"


Side A: No Rules, A Fuck Up
Side B: Up Against The Wall, NYC Tonight

Released shortly after their great debut LP in ’82, this incredibly early single from GG & Jabbers is an absolute classic. The first side of this EP features two superb hardcore punk tracks (“No Rules” & “A Fuck Up”) that are uncompromising and aggressive. The second side features two infectiously catchy punk rock anthems (“Up Against The Wall” & “NYC Tonight”) that sound as if they could have been on GG’s classic first LP. Long before he became known for every form of debauchery imaginable, GG Allin released some stunningly great records, this being one of them. Originally released over 30 years ago, the original pressing of this record now easily demands upwards of $100, here is the first-ever reissue of this EP. Features the original cover and label artwork. High quality picture sleeve and excellent sound quality.

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