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Golden Boys, The "Thee Electric Wolfman" LP

Golden Boys, The "Thee Electric Wolfman" LP


Side A: Electric Wolfman, Rock Me Forever, Plainsman's Lament, She Said It, Kontrol Girls, I'm Black And White

Side B: Oldman's Coat, Goddamn I Love The Ocean, Dish Towel, Mr. Dickles, A Message From Ross Johnson


TERMINAL BOREDOM REVIEW These southern underdogs have released LP number four onto the unsuspecting underground and I´m still waiting for everyone (shit, or anyone) to catch on. Sad fools. The first record was a delicious train wreck of sloppy good times. The second is a Gawd Damn masterpiece in my book and y´all should be hip to it by now. The third?the third? Yeah that's right, most of yous missed this´n. A Mike Vasquez produced gem that would saddle up nicely with any of the Memphis all-star spinners in yer collection. If it was on Sympathy'01, peeps be shitting Twinkies. Welp, this is their 4th album proper and 2nd one in a year. Greg Ashley tags along and twiddles the knobs, playing on it as well, but it doesn´t feel like he messed with their formula too much. Their formula being: Drunk. They all got that´n down. Screwball shenanigans start things off with the funk vibe of the title track, tackling Zevon monster love in a Shaftman way. From there it moves into Whiskey Flower territory, which is fine and dandy to me. Slightly hazed psychedelics and malt liquor sunstroke causing damage to the troubadours mind. Mynde. Play till you sweat it out, son. A long player chock full of grande southern stylings in the likes of Compulsive Gamblers, Lou Reed, early American Deathray, or even some Let It Bleed-era Stones. Texans doin' it right and proper; so don´t mess with it. Kontroll Girls is the hit, like an Arthur Lee tune with a Spanish touch all jacked up on trucker speed and Tex-Mex tacos. Thing whips me into a dance mode. Weird lil´ pop tunes come´n´n go with squiggly backup vox, way-damaged soloing and other downright head scratching studio noodle (check out She Said It and hang out till the end!), just to keep you on yer toes. Pretty great soulful ballads are peppered throughout this insanity to let ya know they ain?t just all fuckin' around. Will jams like Rock With Me Forever end up on my mix tapes for years to come' You can count on that, Jack. I could throw a shit-ton of references and more nods at'cha, but that would just be cheap. I´ve done enough damage already. Ross Johnson stops by to voice his concern for the Boys, and then proclaims it alright in the name of a party. Not nekkid, but whatev. Good shizz. Bottoms up.(RSF)

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