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Golden Boys, The "Whiskey Flower" LP

Golden Boys, The "Whiskey Flower" LP


Side A: Yankee Dollar, Bongo's Bongo's Bongo's, Remember Georgia, Never Wanna See You Again, Oooh Girl, La La Birdie, Babushka

Side B: Pretty Good Looking To Me, Billy Wore A Dress, Dolly's Waltz, Yeah I Wanna Know, Lime Disease, If I Can't Hold You In My Arms

Fabulous album by Austin, TX exciting R&R band! This is live in the studio, versatile, weirdo country folk, cracked blues, vintage melancholy pop reminiscent of the FLAMING GROOVIES, BO DIDDLEY, MODERN LOVERS or so many others & grabs you like an octopus!

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