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Gonzo "Do It Better Again" LP

Gonzo "Do It Better Again" LP



This here is the (official) bio for Do It Better Again – the second full-length from GONZO. GONZO are a rock band. Gonzo are from Melbourne via Geelong. Do it Better Again is out on long playing vinyl through Anti Fade Records from March 29.

GONZO met and formed in the sunny seaside town of Ocean Grove where they all happened to live on the same street. This must have been around 2014 while finishing high school. It was the best of times.

This is the follow up to their debut album, Gonzo by Gonzo. This record is better.
Do It Better Again was recorded over three days in a Castlemaine stable that was built in 1857, when things were built better. It was recorded and mixed entirely using analogue gear, so it feels better. The first time it touched a computer was in the hot hands of Mikey Young for mastering, so it sounds better too.

GONZO aren't punk, indie, shoe-gaze, psych, whatever. GONZO are a rock band. And a real one. GONZO reference classic rock sounds like The Saints, The Victims, Gang of Four, and the Easybeats alongside modern sounds of Thee Oh Sees, Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Uranium Club. See for yourself.

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