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Greg Ashley "Pictures Of Saint Paul Street" LP

Greg Ashley "Pictures Of Saint Paul Street" LP


Side A: A Sea Of Suckers, Goodbye Saint Paul Street, Blues For A Pecan Tree, Two Person One Man Band, Bullshit Society
Side B: Jailbirds And Vagabonds, Self Destruction Derby, Medication #9, Pursue The Night Life, Six AM At The Black And White



"Pictures of Saint Paul Street" is the sixth solo album from the former Mirrors/Gris-Gris mastermind Greg Ashley, an amalgam of tortured, Cohen-esque folk tinged with the beer soaked recklessness of a West Texas honky-tonk. The songs on "Pictures of Saint Paul Street" are lush & beautiful autopsies of society's underbelly, with stark and brutally honest ruminations on humanity. Ashley's songs move from ballads of hopeless misery to rallying anthems for the dispossessed. The people & artists who move further to the fringe as power and greed overtake our planet.

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