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Grotto "Manic Evil" 7"

Grotto "Manic Evil" 7"


Side A: Bog, Dinner, No Skin

Side B: Beast Reality, Boiled Head


Grotto is a word most associated with caves, caverns and subterranean activity.

Appropriate to the new MANIC EVIL 7", it also contains the word grot. GROT-TO! Underground filth! Dig deep and expose the rivers of pus and detritus that flow beneath the Melbourne streets!

Grotto erupted, rode a wave of frantic activity, of constant live shows, the release of the PINK SOCK CS and recording of this 7". Their presentation reimagines thee ancient crossover of hardcore punk and thrash metal: flying V and leather, glam chains and exposed flesh.
Their songs behave like a bereaved drunk one moment, stumbling around in an evil haze, and then the next, a whip on the whip and an explosion of manic activity. This dynamic between dumb blunt forceful mashing of your mind and the thrill of speed is what you need to make your fluids flow.

The thrash metal tinged drug punk of PINK SOCK recalled the last phase of the REATARDS when Jay couldn't decide if he wanted to write catchy pop songs or venomous hardcore songs. MANIC EVIL spits more venom, a more realised expression, a mood of intoxication and bad intentions.

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