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Hrdinové Nové Fronty "Válka" 2xLP


What has been talked about for years is now finally a reality! For the first time, the debut demo of Heroes New Fronty - War is based on vinyl.
HNF are the most important pre-revolutionary band of the former Czechoslovakia. It can be said that as one of the first in our country they started to take punk "professionally". In their approach, they were outstripping the overwhelming majority of bands then.
The Cult Democrat War was released in 1986 and contains everything the HNF has known. Dark, hypnotic tracks with sophisticated gradations and fast, uncompromising recorders. It's an incredibly strong debut at the time. Most of the songs still have their incredible inner strength - there are also basic punk hits such as To The Fight !, Tanks, Hyperactive Kids, or a cult and often covert hit, The World has been fucked.
The recording is based on close cooperation with the band itself, for the needs of the vinyl it was revamped and added a bonus remix of the song Tanka!
It is based on PHR Records as a 2xLP in a package with completely new graphics and a text attachment.


A1 Fiakr Smrti 4:32
A2 Barikády Nový Fronty 2:55
A3 Džínový Idiot 1:58
A4 Zelený Strašidlo 3:46
A5 Do Boje! 3:22
A6 Jen Počkej Zajíci! 1:08
B1 Syfilis 2:29
B2 To Svět Se Posral 3:08
B3 Žiju Jako Štvanec 7:04
B4 Tanky (Radiomix 1968) 4:24
C1 Hyperaktivní Děti 3:26
C2 Agent Orange 5:07
C3 Skinheadskej Punk 1:42
C4 Tygří Žert 5:21
D1 Válka 4:00
D2 Heavy Metal Je Hnusnej 2:10
D3 Punkrockoví Válečníci 1:33
D4 Tanky 4:18

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