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Incredible Kidda Band "Too Much Too Little" 2xLP

Incredible Kidda Band "Too Much Too Little" 2xLP


RED LOUNGE RECORDS is proud to bring you a re-re-issue of the best POWER POP PUNK 2xLP EVER!! Yes you hear me right... there is NO maybe's , NO room for runner ups, NO discussion, NO apologies!!!
Originally released on the marvelouse DETOUR RECORDS Label back in 2000, it sold out quickly and has since been out of print on vinyl and become a coveted collectible!!!

Four sides full of Hit after Hit recorded between 1977-81, I hate to say "all killers no fillers" so let me rephrase: All Neutron Bombs, no Fire Crackers!

Great Power pop melodies paired with true Teenage Angst Problems such as: Can I take the car Dad? Turn the Music down or my Parents will wake up...nothing beats the Kidda Band!!!

- New Artwork supervised by Graham “Kidder” Hammonds!
- LP Bonustrack: She's a 50 (1977 Demo!)
- Ultra Deluxe "RED LOUNGE RECORDS STYLE" Gatefold

1-1 Can I Take The Car Tonight
1-2 Wait 'Till Your Father Gets Home
1-3 The Girl Said No
1-4 I'm Gonna Join The Army Now
1-5 Bullet In My Heart
1-6 Major Tom
1-7 Camphill Go Go
2-1 Radio Caroline
2-2 Don't Take Me To The Cleaners
2-3 You Can't Do That
2-4 Bitch
2-5 Sign On The Dotted Line
2-6 Asleep At The Wheel
2-7 So Excited
3-1 Saturday Night Fever
3-2 You Belong To Me
3-3 Watch Out (There's A Thief About)
3-4 Gotta Keep The Noise Turned Down
3-5 F.A.B
3-6 If You Think I'm Square
3-7 I Want You
4-1 Everybody Knows
4-2 Fighting My Way Back
4-3 Get Off The Telephone
4-4 If Looks Could Kill
4-5 No Nerve
4-6 Big Boys Don't Cry
4-7 I Wanna Be A Hero
4-8 We're Gonna Make It
4-9 She's A 50

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