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Jackson Politick "Psycho-mania b/w Well-adjusted Australians" 7"

Jackson Politick "Psycho-mania b/w Well-adjusted Australians" 7"



Jackson Politick is the solo project by the ever-talented Andy Jordan. This 7" shows a more versatile flavour in Jordan's songwriting style. Psycho-Mania kicks in with oscillating synths and instantly recalls a strange hybrid of sounds influenced by such groups as Chrome and Roxy Music combined with sniggering vocals and punk-as-heck lyrics.

On the other side, Well-Adjusted Australians has a typical a lo-fi indie-pop sound and songwriting style, recalling many-a-great New Wave single from the the years 1981-86 but particularly sounding akin to something from 'The Painted Word' era Television Personalities, the lyrics showcasing a tremendous sarcastic wit yet musically conveying a deeply melancholic feel with reverbed guitars and casio keyboard lines.

Andy Jordan proves once again he has the ability to create
many varied and interesting songs and sounds to his back catalogue.

The single is limited to 300 and comes in a duo-tone risograph fold-over sleeve.

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