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Jesus Lizard, The "Goat" LP

Jesus Lizard, The "Goat" LP


Goat is the record after Head. Its title features four letters arranged in a way that do not bring to mind Satan, blame, garbage eating, or beards. Goat delivers on the Jesus Lizard promise in ways almost too numerous to mention. Denison, whose musical ideas continue to stun throughout, has found an almost impossibly sympathetic foil in McNeilly, and the intuitive connection is fully evident throughout. Take "Rodeo In Joliet" for example, and listen how Mac washes over, and rumbles below, and bashes through Duane's keening lines, and how the combination exquisitely conveys the doomy resignation of a too long winter. Or, listen to the propulsive abandon of "Nub," all slide and high hat. By now, the Jesus Lizard was composing more and more with an eye to the live situation. Bassist Sims is revealed as the band's secret weapon, precise and substantial in the studio, wide-eyed and mouth agape, stock still in anchoring an increasingly frenzied, chaotic stage show. Yow's complete disregard for his own health and safety in the service of fan entertainment is well-documented and the stuff of legend. That aspect of the Lizard experience is perhaps best captured among these CDs on "Seasick," a Yow tour de force that invariably sent him writhing and flailing on the raised hands of audiences around the world, screaming, "I can swim! I can swim! I can swim!" The CD reissue contains truly beautiful, and, one could argue, superior renditions of "Seasick," "Lady Shoes," and "Monkey Trick" performed live. Also included are two songs that are best described as "New Wave" - both bearing titles resembling Cure songs, and both executed quite humorously and winningly. The cover photo is by Sims, and is also worthy of contemplation and appreciation.

A1 Then Comes Dudley
A2 Mouth Breather
A3 Nub
A4 Seasick
B1 Monkey Trick
B2 Karpis
B3 South Mouth
B4 Lady Shoes
B5 Rodeo In Joliet

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