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Jesus Lizard, The "Head" LP

Jesus Lizard, The "Head" LP


Next, there is Head. (As dutifully reported by a magazine interviewer some years ago, the four letter titles were for continuity only - no meaning is to be attached to the words. So please do not think of sex, intelligence, forward motion, or toilets when considering the title of this record.) On it, Denison unburdens himself of an astonishing flurry of pent up riffage. "One Evening" builds to a central figure that is surely excavated from Physical Graffiti or Presence, and is played with such majesty and grandiosity, that laughter and tears both seem warranted. Elsewhere, Denison's fascination with texture, rhythm, and color are in evidence in the gnarled surfiness of "Waxeater," the elegiac PIL-like post-punk of "Pastoral," and the full minute single note outro on "If You Had Lips." Head comes to its thrilling climax with "Killer McHann," whose notes expertly convey flight, fear, and desperation. Yow sings as if tied down to a bench, gurgling and mewling through enhanced interrogation - extremely enhanced - before finally crying out some inactionable intelligence: "Scared of that man! Scared of that man! Scared of that man! Scared of that man!" The Pure EP is appended to Head on the CD version. A live version of "Bloody Mary" is included as a bonus track in a McNeilly powered version for your contemplation. "Chrome" is attached as well - a combination of two songs by the band named in the title, possibly the Jesus Lizard's best straight ahead rocker.

A1 One Evening
A2 S.D.B.J.
A3 My Own Urine
A4 If You Had Lips
A5 7 Vs. 8
B1 Pastoral
B2 Waxeater
B3 Good Thing
B4 Tight 'N Shiny
B5 Killer McHann

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