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Joe D'Elirio and The Exxess "S/T" LP

Joe D'Elirio and The Exxess "S/T" LP



A1 The Exxess Ghiaccio
A2 The Exxess No Heaven Teras
A3 The Exxess Walking Down The Subway
A4 The Exxess Now I Wanna Be A Good Boy
B1 Joe D'Elirio Marilin Pills
B2 Joe D'Elirio Zurich
B3 Joe D'Elirio 153 What's Your Name
B4 Joe D'Elirio Conversation

Started as a singer in a punk band in 1977, The Hot Pins, Aurelio Laloni, aka Joe D’Elirio, is a sort of small legend of italian underground music. His main musical influences ranging from Velvet Underground to Kraftwerk, from the Stooges to Giorgio Moroder.

Recently discovered by various bloggers (such Crispy Nuggets) and ‘391 Marche’ compilation, he is one of the pioneers of the Italian Cold Wave and Electronic Body Music . His style has evolved during the eighties, passing from an icy and radical cold wave to a more dancing sound with noticeable rythmics and exclusively synthetic melodies mixed up with punk attitude. This anthology is the best selection of his musical production released between 1981-1985.

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