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Jr. Thomas & The Volcanos "Rockstone" LP

Jr. Thomas & The Volcanos "Rockstone" LP



Jr. Thomas & The Volcanos' sophomore effort Rockstone is more thanjust a love letter to the roots of Jamaican music. It's an actual loveletter. Tom McDowall aka Jr. Thomas explains, "I could write a musicallove letter to all things I loved: my wife, my family, my friends, my bandmates. I could write a song to tell me to Chin Up when times gottough. I could give gratitude to the Jamaican artists that paved theway for the beautiful music we now call reggae. I could write a songabout what it's like to lose someone important to you. Or write a songto invigorate me spiritually. Music is healing and that's the besttherapy there is for me."Rockstone isn’t just another throwback record to an era gone by. It's arecord that takes risks within the genre, but more importantly it's agenuinely honest record."I called the album Rockstone because true love cannot be defeated. Itlives forever. We write tributes on our tombstones because they live onbeyond our lives as a remembrance of something special andimportant to us."

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