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Judy And The Jerks "Music For Donuts" 7"

Judy And The Jerks "Music For Donuts" 7"



Over the past half-decade Hattiesburg, MS has become a perhaps unlikely center of the international punk scene, a highlight on any band's journey through the American South. Judy and her Jerks are one of the groups at the hub of it all and it's easy to see why — their modern take on a lean, tight, and tuff USHC sound is catchy (CIRCLE JERKS are kin in not just name alone) and their enthusiasm for this music and each other is contagious. After a series of self-released tapes and comp appearances, this is their vinyl debut, as well as the overdue first record to be released from the modern-day Hattiesburg punk scene. Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl.

Judy and the Jerks LP coming out on Neck Chop Records later this month in Round 8!

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