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KBO! "Perspektiva 1982-1989" LP

KBO! "Perspektiva 1982-1989" LP


A collection of demo recordings from the beginning of the career of Kbo!, one of the best known punk/HC bands from Yugoslavia that belongs to the second, or rather third wave of Yugo punk. Starting back in 1982, in the following 7 years Kbo! became one of the leading Punk/HC bands in Yugoslavia alongside KUD Idijoti. They released a handful of demo tapes and only at the very end of the 80s had a chance to release their first full length on Greek label Wipe Out Records (Panx Romana, Sress, Anti, Chaos Generation,...). These recordings collected throughout the 80s show the band in their best moments. To top it all, the album comes with an 8 page fanzine that tells the band's history until 1989 together with lyrics and a huge amount of pictures and flyers.

If you are interested what the punk/HC scene was like in the 80s in Yugoslavia, this album is for you. The band has been playing for 35 years now and this is a great chance to learn how it all started back in 1982.


A1 Ringispil
A2 Kragujevac
A3 Boban Pocinje
A4 Espana
A5 Divlji Zapad
A6 Bolovanje
A7 Pesma
A8 Instrumental
A9 Balada
B1 Forever Punk
B2 Mi Smo...Milion Glasova
B3 Basketball
B4 Proslost
B5 Gubi Se
B6 Kada Izadjem
B7 Ne
B8 Lopovi
B9 Perspektiva

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