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KNOWSO "Look At The Chart" LP

KNOWSO "Look At The Chart" LP


Side A: Me & My Friends' Town, King Of Things, Human Like Me, White Science, No Patience, Look At The Chart

Includes: Full color matte finish jacket, full color 11" x 17" poster, sticker & DL code


With a vile propulsion of flared, twang-loaded riffs and borderline-asinine rhythms, Cleveland's KNOWSO couldn't have conjured a more churlish, crude, and otherwise unsavory opener to the group’s debut 12” LP. You sit for a moment, cocking your head at the baneful repetition of instrumental slurs, perhaps questioning if you’ve either unearthed an ungodly cacophony of punk rock absurdities or just another broken fuckin’ record, before the grossly-distorted vocals blows its way to the forefront of the album -- warped, corrupted, and somewhat villainous --, the sound of which resulting in your head sharply veering 90 degrees off the base of your neck. But considering these sounds are emanating from the same damp, utterly depraved fuckhole that spawned the likes of Cruelster and Pervert's Again -- a fuckhole more commonly referred to as “Cleveland” --, listeners should expect nothing more from these disturbed group of musicians, knowing that they will always, without fail, somehow come up with a project even more deranged and obnoxious than the last. By listening to this record, you’re subjecting yourself to a menacing groove, a neanderthalic bout of gnarled chants and circus-like melodies, a misaligned display of hardcore aggression bred with with experimental sensibilities. And all the while, you can’t help but think that, deep down, lost somewhere in the guttural vibrations only an album like this can produce, that you -- another disreputable shitstain of the Earth -- could possibly, potentially, in some way, love the classless, eerie shit these people are slinging. But with this band, you don't think so. You fucking KNOW so.

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