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Laughing Hyenas "Life Of Crime" LP

Laughing Hyenas "Life Of Crime" LP

With their roots firmly planted in Detroit’s Cass Corridor punk rock and hardcore scene of the early 80s, John Brannon (Negative Approach) and Larissa Strickland (L-Seven), along with the locked in rhythm section of Kevin Strickland and Jim Kimball, the Laughing Hyenas took it to a completely different plane. Taking pointers from The Birthday Party and Funhouse era Stooges as well as early blues and jazz artists, the Laughing Hyenas were a fierce, sulfuric blast of noise.
While their style didn’t change much over the course of their first three albums, they kept improving on the formula and on Life Of Crime, they reached their peak! Kevin’s thick and agile basslines and Jim’s bone-breaking drumming make a rhythm section that is incomparable. Larissa’s blistering guitar somehow builds haunting melodies out of the sonic chaos. Brannon is a punk rock whirlwind with the conviction of an old bluesman, his relentless howl make this one of his finest vocal performances to date and make this a truly disturbing and terrifying listen.

This is the last record of the “Butch Vig Trilogy” — a beautiful, creative partnership that resulted in three untouchable records and helped point bands like Nirvana and Sonic Youth in Butch Vig’s direction.

Bonus material
“Save Me Tomorrow” — LOC studio sessions that has been unheard by Butch or the band since it was recorded (first time on vinyl).
1. Everything I Want
2. Hitman
3. Let It Burn
4. Kick
5. Here We Go Again
6. Wild Heart
7. Outlaw
8. Life of Crime
9. Save Me Tomorrow

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