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Lemonade "Pink" 7"

Lemonade "Pink" 7"


Side A: Gusano Borracho, Noches Blancas, Xtabay

Side B: Aztlan, O Se Explote, Forced Sterilization


My time in hardcore has been peppered with moments of revitalization, fleeting glimpses of timeless genius and chance encounters with other-dimensional energy that snap you out of your slack-jawed stupor, that beg and answer the question "Do You Still Like Hardcore?" And you do, and you move again and feel again and live again. It was MERKIT, then GUINEA KID, then GRASSEATERS, then NERV, then IN SCHOOL, then OOZE and BIG ZIT and MYSTIC INANE and so on and so forth. And then you're standing outside on an Oklahoman drag, it's misting outside, and your surrounded by a few hundred punks, with impending Mononucleosis and in front of you is LEMONADE and it rages like you know the Midwest rages. It's trippy without the try-hard long hair shenanigans. It's precise without being robotic. It's a fucking hardcore punk band when you desperately need that. It's a cool refreshing drink, the real fucking deal in a world so in need of one.

Dig it, True Believers: this is THE fucking record. The choicest of the choice. Get it now!

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