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Lilac "Barbed Wire Entaglement" 7"

Lilac "Barbed Wire Entaglement" 7"



Debut release by this new Chicago group featuring Anya Davidson (of Coughs, Cacaw and comic fame) along with former members of Anatomy Of Habit, Witch Hat, etc.

Anya says "Yeah I would just call us "heavy, damaged rock with doom elements" or something. Like a doomier Jesus Lizard? I dunno. It feels arrogant to compare us to other way more well-known bands. This stuff is hard for sure"

Kenny says "I think we were all in agreement of listing Karp, Harvey Milk, and Unwound as a "for fans of" reference"

I would add that they are loud, mean, political and scary as shit. I also hear elements of some of my obscure 90s favorites such as Love Life, Universal Order Of Armageddon, Cherubs and Killdozer.

We can all agree that this is a 2 song 7", limited to 300 copies pressed with 200 on black vinyl and 100 on random color vinyl for band and mail order exclusively.

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