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Limp Wrist "18 Songs" LP

Limp Wrist "18 Songs" LP


Side A: I Love Hardcore Boys / I Love Boys Hardcore, Secrets, Cruisin' At The Show, Smear The Fear, You Ain't That Fierce, Back In The Days, Relatives Got Nerve, Cheap Art, Limp Wrist
Side B: Limp Wrist Vs. Dr. Laura, This Ain't No Cross On My Hand, Brotherhood, Thanks, We Started This Band To Get Dates, O.D.'d On Pop, Give Me A Fuckin' Break, Man To Man, No Choice

Hardcore has become something less powerful due to staggering amount of bands that are treading over the same territory as before: straight edge, animal rights, not being held down, etc.. A fresh perspective from people who are actually alienated in society as a whole not just in their suburban high schools is sorely needed. There was a time in this music‘s history when fresh ideas and insights were coming out rapidly. But, as I said above, nothing new is really coming out. There is a need for a band to give this scene a kick in the ass and not just by their music but with the issues that they want to discuss. Limp Wrist is that band.

From a scene that is understandably viewed as a predominantly male tough guy, it's great to see a no holds barred, unapologetic, in your face homosexual hardcore band. They just don't give a fuck what anyone thinks. To quote the band, they "are livid!" Oh, they're straight edge too. That doesn't really play into the lyrics as much as the bands sexuality but it's still an important part of the band.

The music is intense, raw and a throwback to the earlier days of hardcore when nothing was slick and everything was chaotic. And it's damn catchy too. The chorus' and sing alongs really get stuck in your head which says a lot for Limp Wrist's songwriting ability given the lyrics which, honestly, many kids in the hardcore scene cannot relate to and might cringe at.

But, for the open minded and sexually secure Limp Wrist is a lot of fun and great hardcore band. Think of them as Good Clean Fun if they were homosexuals: pointing out the laughable parts of the hardcore and punk scenes as it comports with their beliefs. The lyric sheet for the record is like a minizine and is a riot. Quotes from fans grace the pages as well as the lyrics and pictures of guys having fun together, if you know what I mean. The obvious standout track is "Limp Wrist vs. Dr. Laura" which has a hilarious intro.

Limp Wrist is a very important and unique band right now and I wait for the day when they tour and a shitload of kids are dog piling and screaming, "I love hardcore boys! I love boys hardcore!" I think the band is waiting for that moment too.

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