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Liverpool Echo "S/T" LP

Liverpool Echo "S/T" LP


A perfect pair alongside Rockin' Horse's Yes It Is, the self-titled album by Liverpool Echo makes a swaggering assertion for the enduring power and captivation of the early Mersey styles of McCartney and Lennon. The idea was simple: make a hit record in the early, authentic style of the band with the most hits of all time, The Beatles, and use said record as a springboard to capitalize on the ten-year anniversary of their birth. And do it cheaply. And in only one week. While Liverpool Echo proved perhaps too late to ferry 'cross the Mersey and too early to dilate its pupils to Starry Eyes, the record they left behind remains the most wonderfully rocking cenotaph to the original Cavern Club 'moment' that I have ever encountered. So you might as well surrender. It's for you.

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