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Lockjaw "Demos 1982-1983" LP

Lockjaw "Demos 1982-1983" LP

The Spanish label Antitodo continues to raid the vaults of 80s Portland hardcore band Lockjaw, this time unearthing 8 demo tracks for this one-sided 12”. The packaging is thin on information, but I’m guessing the first six tracks come from an earlier demo as they sound like they’re more influenced by 70s punk, though the band’s trademark nihilism is already there. “Back Door” and “Devil” have a rock-and-roll tinge a la Black Market Baby, while the more straightforward “Dead Friends” has a Teen Idles vibe. Things speed up for the last two tracks, by which time the band has arrived at the blazing hardcore you know from their two 7”s. While a few tracks from the 7”s appear in different versions, there’s enough new-to-us material that Lockjaw fans will want to scoop this up, particularly given the great sound and attractive packaging.

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