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Lumpy and the Dumpers "Huff My Sack" (UK PRESS)

Lumpy and the Dumpers "Huff My Sack" (UK PRESS)


Complete your Lumpy "Huff My Sack" collection!

Side A: Huff My Sack, Subordinate, I'm Gonna Move to NY, Looney

Side B: Numbing Agent, Blue Lives, Pee In The Pool, Nix Nix Nix Nix, Spider Bite


"St Louis Lumpy and the Dumpers delivers their first mini album, after a string of seven inches and tapes which gained them worldwide recognition among the hordes of misfits lovers of slimy bad punk musik. Nine tracks of snotty punk driven by one of the crudest guitars tones heard by these ears in a long time. The songs flow seamlessly, the lyrics are sharp and full of vile and stick in your brain like any classic punk should. The album includes their own classic take on 'Loony' the B-Side of the 1978 by Slime from London which feels both a statement and a re-appropiation of a song which could have easily being written by the Dumpers if it hadn't existed. In fewer words this is a magnificent gross record.

The record comes housed in a sleeve designed by Lumpy himself carrying their signature aesthetic." - La Vida Es Un Mus

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