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Lux Vanitas "The Secret Life Of" LP

Lux Vanitas "The Secret Life Of" LP



In the mid 90s there was a band from the Twin Cities called Impetus Inter (Bloodlink Records, etc) who were easily the most influential local band to me ever to this day. And so they broke up. Then 3/5th of them started a new band with a new rhythm section and named it Lux Vanitas. They took the sound of 90s hardcore via Gravity Records/Vermiform that ii had championed but incorporated a distinctly more "garage rock" sound (think The Cramps, The Mummies, The Peechees and not The White Stripes/blah blah blah, please, dear reader).

Lux Vanitas released a 7" on Mark Telfian's old label, Paralogy Records (that unfortunately suffered a horrible mastering job), and in 1997, created this -- a 9 song LP, recorded by former member Dave Gardner (who's since done mastering for Hot Snakes, Dillinger 4, The Marked Men, etc etc) and mixed by Tim Green (of Nation Of Ulysses, The Fucking Champs, also etc etc). Originally planned to be split released by GSL Records and Troubleman Unlimited, it was instead scrapped and lost when the band called it quits before it could come out.

And now, here it is. 21 years later. Pressed in a micro-quantity of just 138 copies, all on random color vinyl with hand glued covers, hand stamped center labels, each copy hand numbered -- a true labor of love for you from 25 DIAMONDS.

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