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Mad Conflux "Crazy Action Party" 2xLP


Another crazy Japanese Hardcore release on FOAD Records! MAD CONFLUX were one of the greatest thrashing HC units to come out from the Yokosuka/Yokohama area.. just like SYSTEMATIC DEATH, RAISE CAIN, TOXIC NOISE, PILE DRIVER, BATTLE ATTACKER and many more. These psychos terrorized the masses from 1985 to 1991 delivering some of the fastest and most addictive HC with that skate-thrash vibe that made the late 80ies/early 90ies Japancore scene so unique and unmatched. Their discography is fragmented on several compilation appearances and the hard to find split flexi 7" (1987) with JANKY. They self-released a limited discography CD in 2005 that got instantly sold out. This double LP includes all their existing studio and live recordings (43 songs!) for the first time on vinyl, scrupulously remastered from the best sounding sources to properly squeeze your brain cells. It comes in a highly deluxe packaging with weighty gatefold sleeve and '80s fanzine styled booklet including photos, gig flyers and biographical notes written by their guitarist Ori, also playing in PILE DRIVER and in the current line-up of the mighty DEATH SIDE!!



LP1 - Studio Actions
A1 Way Word Rot Crasher
A2 Social Bribe
A3 Anger
A4 Out Brave
A5 S.T.D.
A6 Hitei (Circle Of Strength)
A7 Decide On A Single Shout!
A8 Freezing Cold 2
A9 Bluster
A10 Lower
A11 Dizzy Bark
A12 Try For Yourself
A13 Crazy Action
B1 In Your Mind
B2 Bloody Character
B3 Go Out
B4 Pink Panther
B5 For Good Never Fight
B6 Freezing Cold
B7 Pink Panther
B8 Lower
B9 For Good Never Fight
B10 Harry Up
B11 Freezing Cold
B12 I Don't
B13 Fuck'N Teens
LP 2 - Live Actions
Live At Explosion, Oct. 1987
C1 For Good Never Fight
C2 Freezing Cold
C3 生存権 / Pink Panther
C4 Go Out
C5 I Don't
C6 Dizzy Dark
C7 Lower
Live At Shodoku Gig, Antiknock Dec. 1988
D1 Kiba
D2 Dizzy Dark
D3 Bluster
D4 Try For Yourself
D5 Decide On A Single Shout!
D6 Friend Is Murrderer
D7 Out Brave
D8 S.T.D.
D9 Social Bribe
D10 Crazy Action

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