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Maniacs "Dust Of A Decade" 2xLP

Maniacs "Dust Of A Decade" 2xLP


Gatefold vinyl with poster


A1 Revenge Of The Creature
A2 Violence
A3 What Can We Do?
A4 Hardcore Punk
A5 Follow No False Gods
A6 Execution
B1 Grenada Today,...
B2 We Are Not The Brave Men
B3 Victim Of The Night
B4 One Way Education
B5 Traveller In Time
B6 Crusader
B7 Set The Earth On Fire
C1 Salute The Survivors
C2 Strange Career
C3 Comancheros
C4 Glory Men
C5 Young Blood Wins
C6 Gimme´ The Bullet
C7 Deutschland
D1 The White Rose Of Resistance
D2 Tear Down The Walls
D3 Legions Of Disillusioned
D4 Conscientious Objector
D5 Dust Of A Decade
D6 Chainsaw Blues
D7 New Morning

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