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Marvelous Mark "Buzzin" LP

Marvelous Mark "Buzzin" LP


Side A: Like It Shows, Pretty Houses, Speed With Goldie, Loner, Doin' Nothing, Paralyzed

Side B: Fade Away, I Want You, I Don't Mind, Tell Me, Bite Me, Waiting, I'm Freaking Out


Formerly of Toronto’s blown-out noisepop superstars The Marvelous Darlings, Mark Fosco hasn’t exactly rested on his laurels since that band broke up. Instead, he’s picked up where they left off – now recording as Marvelous Mark, he dropped debut solo LP Crushin’ last year via Drunken Sailor, and it proved not only what a ludicrously talented songwriter he is, but also how much fun can be had with a guitar, a fuzzbox and a whole lotta hooks.

Buzzin’ collects the two EPs that preceded that album – Husband Material and Bite Me – together with seven brand new demos, and it’s another essential dose of woozy yet muscular powerpop. Recalling Teenage Fanclub circa Thirteen, Weezer at their catchiest and Slowdive hiding their steroids in thick clouds of weed smoke. It’ll shred your speakers even as it gets your head nodding and your toes tapping – you’ll be singing along and demanding more before you know it.
Will Fitzpatrick.

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