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Max And The Makeups "Chasing The Monsters" LP

Max And The Makeups "Chasing The Monsters" LP


Side A: Zerox, Make Up Song, Lay Lady Lay, Flight, All Day All Night

Side B: Trouble, Chasing The Monsters, The Touch, Tommys Dog, Goodbye

Max and the Makeups was formed in Austin Texas in 1981.  The Ravons, a regular at the legendary club Raul’s in Austin, lost their lead guitarist and drummer.  Mike Alvarez and Jonie Hell were the replacements.  Gigs had to be fulfilled and the name Max and the Makeups was chosen at first as a joke.  The name stuck. The group toured the Southwest for nearly four years, headlining major club venues and opening for top touring acts.
Until Puke n Vomit came around and released the group’s first vinyl EP in 2010, the group never released any records, but spent time in the recording studio regularly starting at Earth and Sky studios in 1981.  The group disbanded shortly after the 1984 recording sessions at Lone Star Studios.
Max Gottlieb and Jonie Hell formed The Strapedos in Austin with David Roach on lead vocals and Karl Remstam of The Makeups on bass.  Roach, Max and Hell moved to Los Angeles to join with The Big Boys bassist Chris Gates and changed their name to Junkyard.  Junkyard was signed to Geffen Records then the bands founders, Max Gottlieb and Jonie Hell, were kicked out of the band.
Mike Alvarez formed Not Records Tapes in Austin just before the demise of The Makeups and produced a lot of the premiere musicians in Austin at the time - The True Believers, Daniel Johnston, Roky Erickson and many more.  Alvarez began focusing on his solo career and has many recordings to date.
Lisa Gamache joined Eddie Pantel’s Skank in 1984 and released a solo album in the 1990s.  She continues to record with Mike Alvarez, who has been located in Los Angeles since 1988.
Karl Remstam passed August 15 of 2003 at the age of 45.
All of the songs except “Zerox” were mastered from cassette tapes by musician/engineer John Lusitana.  “Zerox” is the only studio master track and was produced by Patrick Keel in 1981, at Earth and Sky Studios.  The two live tracks, Gottleibs “Tommy’s Dog” and Alvarez’s “Goodbye”, were recorded at Austin’s Club Foot in 1982 and preserved by Jack Underwood. Either Brad First or Jim Berry were the engineers that recorded these live tracks.  Jim Berry worked as an engineer at the Earth and Sky studio sessions as well that yielded “Zerox”.

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