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Medanos Del Singapur "Escupe Al Estupa 1981 to 1983" LP

Medanos Del Singapur "Escupe Al Estupa 1981 to 1983" LP


Bilbao in the early 80’s was a torrent of talent featuring suicidal bands that felt R&R in a very intense and peculiar way. MÉDANOS DE SINGAPUR formed in the first days of 1982 and had an ephemeral but intense trajectory. A spark of genius that unluckily not many were able to witness that vanished without uproar in the then cold and dirty streets of Bilbao.

ESCUPE AL ESTUPA [Spit On the Narc] is a compilation of all the available material by Medanos. The starting point was basically cassette tapes, live recordings done with a Walkman or captured with a few microphones at the band’s rehearsal spot. Ultimately, the band’s two official demo tapes produced for the local radio stations and the only available track recorded in a semi-professional studio. It is too bad that the two songs recorded in 1983 for a Madrid indie label with the prospect of a 7” that was never released have disappeared forever without trace or explanation. Nevertheless, the thorough and systematic laboratory work at the studio has allowed recovering a clearly defined and captivating sound for this collection of songs.

The edition also features a 16-page magazine going through the story of the band including the comic “Escupe al Estupa " originally published in the renowned comic magazine “El Vibora” and penned by embryonic band “Nika y los Estricnínos”.

ESCUPE AL ESTUPA is without a doubt a work for the lovers of the rock sounds of the eighties but it is also a record that should be carefully listened to by anybody with unquiet ears that would like to know what was going on in Bilbao in those disorderly years.

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