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Middle Class "Out Of Vogue - The Early Material" LP

Middle Class "Out Of Vogue - The Early Material" LP


Side A: Out Of Vogue, You Belong, Situations, Insurgence, Love Is Just A Tool, Above Suspicion, Archetype

Side B: Home Is Where, A Blueprint For Joy, Last Touch, Introductory Rites, Autistic, You Belong, No Applause, What We Do


The Middle Class are credited with releasing what is considered the first "hardcore" or "proto-hardcore" punk record, 1978’s faster than fast Out of Vogue. With the 30th anniversary of that ground-breaking and influential EP upon us, Frontier Records is overjoyed to announce the release of Middle Class: Out of Vogue – The Early Material. The collection includes all of The Middle Class’s early studio recordings, along with a never before released four-song 1977 studio demo. This pioneering Orange County band’s original sides have been notoriously hard to find, landing in the collections of only those willing to pay dearly for them. Until now...

Features four previously unreleased demos!
First ever comprehensive compilation of Middle Class hardcore recordings!
Contains the first American hardcore song: "Out of Vogue"!


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