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Midnite Snaxxx "Greedy Little Thing / Turf War" 7"

Midnite Snaxxx "Greedy Little Thing / Turf War" 7"

Side A: Greedy Little Thing
Side B: Turf War
!!2 new tracks from Midnite Snaxxx!!
Recorded  by Bart Thurber - House of Faith -
Art - by Xerox The Kidd
!!! - R'n'R !! Garage !! Punk!!!
"The world still needs REAL garage-punk bands. 
While the kids are out there taking the genre and making it weird 
(aka progression) and the old dudes are out there refusing to 
acknowledge that the world's tastes have changed since the 90s 
(aka civil war re-enacting), you need a baseline to keep good and evil 
in balance. A band like MIDNITE SNAXXX, 
a band that can play within the form and sound timeless."
- Terminal Boredom -

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