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Mighty Go-Go Players , The "Play, Lose & Die!" 10"

Mighty Go-Go Players , The "Play, Lose & Die!" 10"



A1 No Way At All
A2 Goin' On
A3 Well, Well
B1 It Could Be Higher In The Country
B2 Not Too Bad
B3 You Got To Crawl On My Soul
B4 Bitchy Cow


First full length by those wild south france Lofi-garage trash maniacs! Following their loved 45´s “ New Hope ” and “If you wanna Play” on the singers Piero´s own PROFET RECORDS; “play, lose & die” is their most evil, dark and powerful approach. The MIGHTY GO-GO PLAYERS are the inbreed brother band of the FATALS, sharing two members and with Perpignon the same home city. Frontman Piero Go-Go Man is the freako to see on the stage and it takes one live performance to see he´s the no.1 rocknroll bad ass of..now! No doubt about that. He´s a weirdo-destructo-maestro! With his remarkable desparate voice, the furious fucked farfisa and the insane song structure this record is getting quite a experience, yet listenable since this the best songwriting to date. Think druged-out SEXAREENOS, art-damaged MURDER CITY DEVILS based on FATALS-fuzz going IN THE RED on a deathcult sex-war. Pure evil.

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