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Misfits "1977-1984 The Singles Collection" LP

Misfits "1977-1984 The Singles Collection" LP


Although the artwork blows, this is a pretty good fanclub release that I've never seen around.

Complete Singles collection from The Misfits! also includes songs from unreleased Acetates.

Tracks A1 & A2 originally from the Cough / Cool 7"
Tracks A3 to A6 originally from the Bullet 7"
Tracks A7 to A9 originally from the Horror Business 7"
Tracks A10 to A12 originally from the Night Of The Living Dead 7"

Tracks B13 to B14 originally from the Halloween 7"
Tracks B15 & B17 originally from the 3 Hits From Hell 7"
Tracks B18 to B20 originally from the Die Die My Darling 12"
Track B21 from the unreleased Teenagers From Mars 7"
Track B22 from the unreleased Who Killed Marilyn? 12"
Track B23 from the Beware 12"

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