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Morning Echoes of Detroit , The "Echoes of the Gospel" LP

Morning Echoes of Detroit , The "Echoes of the Gospel" LP


Founded in 1951 by independent record store owner and radio show promoter Ernie Young, Nashville, TN’s Nashboro Records recorded some of the most potent and forceful gospel music of the time period. Although initially begun in response to overwhelming demand for gospel locally, Nashboro quickly became nationally applauded for its curatorial prowess (under the guidance of Rev. Dr. Morgan Babb of the gospel group, The Radio Four) and signature production style. The lightly-reverbed, clear sound of a Nashboro record is unmistakable.

The Morning Echoes, led by Willie “Slim” Ayers, formed in the late ‘40s, released their first record in 1951 and moved to Detroit in 1952. They started regularly broadcasting over radio station WJLB and became a part of the Nashboro Records family several years later. Echoes Of The Gospel was originally released in 1967 and was the first Long Playing record from these Motor City favorites. The Morning Echoes remained active in and around Detroit throughout the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s. The project officially came to a close when leader Willie “Slim” Ayers passed on September 17, 2013.

This Third Man re-issue came into our world when TMR artist and friend Kelley Stoltz sent a well loved copy of Echoes Of The Gospel in gratitude for having him play the Third Man Pressing Grand Opening Party. His note read “Thanks for the fantastic experience! This one is a spirit lifter, In The Garden Of Eden does it for me. XO Kelley”.

Third Man is now proud to cast a broader light on the beautiful Echoes of the Gospel and the Detroit- Nashville connection that it embodies. It is transferred with reverence directly from the original 1967 stereo mixes and remastered by Warren Defever.

1. Jesus Showed Us The Way 
2. The Lord Will Make A Way 
3. In The Garden Of Eden
4. Spare Me Over Another Year 
5. Fire One Day
6. The Lord Will Provide
7. I’ll See You Home Again
8. Misunderstanding Of A Friday B3. Servants Prayer
9. People Turning Away From God B5. I’ve Got Jesus
10. God’s A Wonderful Lawyer

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