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Muddy Waters "She’s All Right b/w Sad, Sad Day" 7"

Muddy Waters "She’s All Right b/w Sad, Sad Day" 7"


Side A: She's All Right
Side B: Sad, Sad Day

Originally released as a 78rpm 10” shellac in 1953, Muddy Waters and his guitar power through no-frills folk blues A-side on She’s All Right, which would later be completely turned on its head incorporating full-on fuzzbox psychedelia on Waters’ blockbuster album Electric Mud. Rhythmically, this older version’s beat is an opiate, repetitive and soothing, that’s gotta be played three times in a row for full effect. The B-side Sad, Sad Day would later be found on the London Muddy Waters Sessions dressed in draping psych, but this original version is a candid and teary-eyed lament complete with perfectly warbling guitar and harmonica interplay.

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