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Mutual Jerk "S/T" 7"

Mutual Jerk "S/T" 7"


Side A: He's Harmless

Side B: Parking Lot, S.S.W.M.


While i love everything i have released, this is something for all involved parties to be proud of. At first we all told the story of how everyone in this band was playing an instrument they hadn't played before, but that seems irrelevant to me now, they have all mastered what they are doing. An interesting beginning but we are further into the book of Jerk now. No trending...I don't think they could imitate if they tried. It's unfortunate that a movement supposedly built on individuality yields so much imitation. Not to take away from bands like Glue or Gag, but if i have sit through one more worship band.....This one's got 3 songs. I'd like to imagine them performing these on the Ricki Lake show, all members of the b-52s smashed together into one person like in the machine from Cronenberg's "The Fly" as singer. Band made up people who auditioned for No Trend, Nada Surf, or Saccharine Trust and didn't make the cut, so they ghost road the hosaka into cyberspace creating digital effigies of themselves and broadcast as holograms with the B52's/fly creature as their front person on Ricki Lake and were immediately projected into cyber fame. Mutual Jerk bobbleheads forth coming. I am hungover from the opening night of a music festival here in Atlanta that they played, so my write up is probably wack, but damn this is a really special record and i can't wait for what comes next. Not gonna drop a bunch of comparisons, cos they just sound like Mutual Jerk. Buy or die.

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