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Nag "False Anxiety" 7"

Nag "False Anxiety" 7"


Side A: False Anxiety

Side B: imsosmall


Atlanta is quickly becoming the southern capital of punk and one of it's busiest ambassadors would be Brannon Greene (Predator, GHB, Acid Freaks, Frantic, Beat Beat Beat... the list goes on).  Nag (pronounced Nog) is his newest project and expounds even further on the anxious energy of his previous outlet Predator. Choppy/ angular guitars complemented by a truly killer rhythm section. Dark punk at it's finest.  'False Anxiety' is the follow up to their killer 7 song demo from last year and is one of the most interesting original punk singles I've heard in some time.  A band not to be missed live and look out for a full length on Total Punk later this year. 100% TOTAL PUNK!

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