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Nancy "With Child" LP

Nancy "With Child" LP


Side A: (I'm A) Celebrity, (Why Am I) Crying?, (My Old Friend) TV, (I'm A) Man

Side B: (Ode), (Get The) Revvup, (Tuff) Mama, (I Wish I Was) Albino, (Me) And The Boys


"Finally these Brooklyn based power-pop blockhead goofballs have brought us With Child. Yes, yes it's true they are now with child and it's quite...pretty. You may be familiar with them from their quality 2013 demo tape that featured such smooth hits as I Want One, Midnite, and Holiday. Well there are eight new songs for the glam punk side of your brain to hear. There is one cover song and it's done the NANCY way." - Eat The Life

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