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Negazione "Tutti Pazzi" 7"

Negazione "Tutti Pazzi" 7"


Side A: Sogni E Bisogni, Niente
Side B: La Mia Mente, Maschere, Tutti Pazzi



What you have here is raw, underproduced, primordial hardcore like very few scenes managed to produce. Italy and Finland became famous for such crude version of HC that conquered hearts during the 80s and is still very popular today. And Negazione were top of the game. Formed on the ashes of Turin HC bands like Quinto Braccio, Declino, Kollettivo,... Negazione worked hard, toured hard and played even harder. After their split tape with Declino (that later became an LP), it was the time for an own record. Subvert produzioni (Michele, the band's drummer), TVOR fanzine, Kina and Negazione themselves produced this 7" back in 1985. Sixfold poster cover with photos and lyrics and a black slab of vinyl with 5 songs was the deal, and Negazione started their 8 year long journey with it, touring all over Europe and releasing many great records after it.

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